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Polish Company in Taiwan
Autor Wiadomość

Dołączył: 23 Paź 2018
Posty: 1
Skąd: Taiwan
Wysłany: 23-10-2018, 05:40   Polish Company in Taiwan

Hey everyone,
Iam Bronek - director of business development at Blightsolution Ltd.
I have been living in Asia my last 10 years and develop strong connexion and partnerships which lead me to own my company.
We are working a lot with countries like the UK, France and Belgium and would like to expand our business to Poland.

We are a company specialized in Led lighting for industrial, commercial & architectural projects.
We produce led lighting products of high lumen efficiency while trying to keep the cost as competitive as possible

If you have 2 min, have a sneak peak at our website
and revert to us if there is an interest.

You can drop me an email at

We will gladly help you with some projects if you can share the requirements with us.


PS: yes iam Polish and no i dont speak Polish as i grow up in a french speaking country

[ Added: 23-10-2018, 07:21 ]
let me introduce you to some of our best seller for the commercial and industrial lighting.
we have a very large selection of LED high bay light ranging from 120lm/w up to 160lm/w, Ip65, IK08-10, dimmable /regular/ motion sensor.
All certified for european normes (CE-TUV-ROHS-ENEC- and even some for USA market with UL and DLC4.0 certificates)
All warranty 5 years
Spec sheets and ies files are available
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